Employee Performance Weekend…

Lack of funds, weather, and ambition has kept me at home for the weekend. It’s actually looking pretty nice, considering that it was suppose to rain all this weekend.
Monday, I have my review meeting with my boss. Ugh. Trying to get into the mood for it even though it looks good so far. His review of me was alot better than my own review. My depression is just dragging me down, as usual. The cold, cloudy, rainy weather isn’t helping either. Anyway, the only question mark is a 6-month probation on the review. Does that mean that I was on probation and I’m going to officially get the promotion. Or does that mean that I have to wait another 6 months to get the promotion. I’m hoping that it is the former since they (higher ups) have been telling me that they want me to be a manager. If I have to wait another 6 months, then I really will start looking for a new job, I’m already looking, but it’s just haphazard right now; I haven’t fixed up the resume or anything.
Really hating my face right now, because it is so damn oily. No major break outs, but after a couple of hours after a facial, it seems that it is oily all over again. Wish that I could goto a spa and get a facial done. Something to think about for the next couple of months, I guess.
So I bought a new computer case, and am now reading and rereading reviews for motherboards and CPU’s. Yes, I am going forward with the new computer. The Sonata is so pretty too, the case has a very nice black finish to it. I know that I am going to get a Pentium 4 processor, but I don’t know what motherboard to get. Shawn didn’t have any particular suggestions for me. I should right Dan and see what he thinks. I wish that I could talk to Jason and get his opinion, but I can’t. What else, def. decided on the ATI Raedon All In Wonder 9600 Pro so I can play games, listen to the radio, and watch/TIVO television. I’ll need to get memory too and I’ll just cannibalize everything else (soundcard, CD-RW, DVD) from my old case and send the rest up to Washington so that they can upgrade the Gateway. Maybe I’ll just buy new stuff, so that it will match the case. Hoping that I can get all the pieces and have it built by April. This is going to be the last “big” thing that I am going to purchase for myself. Although I have finally got my finances in better conditions than a year or 2 ago, there is still so much to do. I really need to start paying more on my loans, esp. the financial aide load just because it is so huge. I need to save up money to move sometime this year, and to eventually have money to buy a house when that time comes.
Yeah, I am already planning on moving out of here. I admit that Mark is getting me excited with his search for a new place. But I would never move in with Mark, mainly since we work together and I’m his boss. Still, if it wasn’t for Barbara finally renting the last room to someone, I probably would have been starting to look. The utility bill is out of hand. $80 for my share was crazy. I wouldn’t mind paying that much if I was getting heat in my room. But I’m not and that’s why I have been balking at paying it. Well, not balking, I did pay it for last month. And I feel understand that money is tight with Barbara too. But I can’t afford that much for utilities, esp. if I am freezing my ass of in my room. So I will be out of here by the end of this year for sure, which is kinda sad, because this is an alright place. I just hope I can find something just as good when I finally start to look.
I saw Michael Greenberg (my old roommate) at the store on Friday. He is graduating this spring with a degree in Kinesiology and then going to Law School. To be honest, I can and can’t see Michael has a lawyer. I guess he has a nice look for a lawyer, if there is such a thing has a lawyer look. But I don’t know, he doesn’t seem to have the lawyer personality or drive. I couldn’t see him defending me or prosecuting me in court. Maybe it was the circumstances, but we were both kinda weary of each other, I think. Which is sad, cause I like Mike and I’ll admit I even miss him singing Dave Matthews off tune. I forgot to ask him about his new car. Anyway, at least he knows what he is doing with his life.
Moving on to games, I downloaded the Zuma Deluxe game from popcap.com. They only give you 1 hour to play the game though. So I did and racked up a nice score that I was going to rub in Shawn’s face. Unfortunately, I misjudged when the hour was up. I went to get something to drink really quick and when I came back the hour was up. So I couldn’t get a screen print. Grrrr!
Anyway, have been spending my time at the MSN Game site playing their online games. For some reason, the popcap games run smoother than on the popcap site. I am already a Diamond trophy holder, which means that I have a 3 star or higher rating in most of their games. I wish that they would show your ranking for all of the games in your profile. Also downloaded some demos off the internet; Painkiller and Unreal Tournament 2K4. Painkiller was O.K., but I could barely run it (more justification for a new computer). UT2K4 was good, the graphics were nice and it ran O.K. I just don’t think that I am cut out playing it though. I had a hard enough time with the bots on a novice setting. Against real players, I would be slaughtered. Not really interested in playing anything really. Tried playing some of my other games, like Diablo II, but just couldn’t get into it. Ms. Pac Man didn’t hold my interest either. Wonder if this is another sign that I am getting old.
So I have tried reading, but that isn’t working either. I just burned through all of my Sharron Shin books (need to remember to check the library to see if they have her latest). Starting on Robert Jordon cause I know that it will take me a while to get through the series. At least a week or so. Maybe I’ll spend the week at Borders or B&N and find something new to read.
What I should be doing is going to the gym and working out. Planning on going tomorrow after work. It’s been a month since school has started, so it should be a little easier to find parking. And hopefully the exercise will help lift my spirits, and lower my stomach **pat, pat**
I have an idea for a photo shoot, but I’m not sure if I have the space or the props to do it. I would also need someone to take the pictures for me. It kinda of a vulnerable idea that I have, so I don’t know when I will ever do it.

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