Sunday Wellness

Feeling alot better now. Just finished eating dinner from a Japanese
restaurant in town. The beef teriyaki was a bit tough; however the chicken was good and the side salad had some kind of vinegar sauce that I liked. The tempura was good and not fried too deeply and the miso soup was excellent. A bit pricey, esp for the side of tempura, but the food was good and I think it is the best of all the Asian places in town that I have gone to so far.

Body is feeling not so sore and all the cold/flu signs are gone. Which is good, cause I have alot on my plate next week at work. Just don’t hope that I relapse or anything. Going to pull out my scarf and gloves just to make sure.

Currently washing all of my white clothes. Actually, I am super washing them. I soaked them for an hour, and then did a prewash, and then a regular wash with a double rinse cycle to help get rid of all the bleach that I used (Oh yeah, I bleached the hell out of them.) The point is to try and clean all of my shirts with yellow arm pit stains in them. I hate wearing them and I want to get rid of them. But I’m not sure if the Goodwill Store will take clothes with stains like that. Well, we’ll see how clean the clothes get and maybe I’ll just dump the clothes that I don’t want on some homeless person on the street or something.

AT&T finally sent me an email saying that my card got declined and to give them a call. Declined my ass; I haven’t used my card in a week
because I wanted to make sure that there was money in there for the phone that I wanted. Have a feeling that they are not going to give me the phone that I want at the price that I want. Well, while surfing around I found a auction site for police
and they have several of the same type of phone that I have for $5-10. So I think that I will just order one of those to last me through March and then cancel AT&T and search for a new company. I don’t want to search because I have heard that the other companies have bad coverage here in SF. Blah I say.

In the mood to play with my web cam, but it seems that the cam somehow got unplugged (I blame one of the cats). I am too comfy in my blankets to go digging under the desk to replug it, so no webcam tonight. Guess I will try to finish Serious Sam: 2nd Encounter or try reading one of my books.

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