.thinking about dinner

Thinking about what I want to have for dinner and what my teeth and stomach will handle. I def. can’t have any more of Barbara’s Coke, regardless of how tired I am. Or at the very least, drink it in one of those small Dixie cups that she uses. No, I need to try harder to drink water and not soda. I def. don’t drink has much as I used to drink. I still need to get better at drinking water.

As for dinner, I still have some hotdogs left, but I think that they are going to go into the garbage. They were so foul, and I knew it and kept on eating. Think that from now on I will save the hotdogs for Giants games (And even then, I’ll probably choose a chicken lemon herb sausage over the hot dog.) SO I can either cook chicken pasta, Tuna Pasta, or make sandwiches. The sandwiches are sounding good actually. Also have slight craving for milk, which is
weird, because I usually don’t just drink straight milk. It’s either in a bowl of cereal or with some kind of flavoring.

On other food topics, my cake has met approval from Amanda, the hostess for the Pleasure Party/BBQ. Waiting on others to let me know what cake flavors to get. I might be able to get two cakes, depending on how much they cost. Going to the bakery
tomorrow or Thursday to order. I wonder if they have samples of the fillings; I really want to try the rum filling. 🙂

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