.Sunday Outing

So went to the Metreon to see Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life. It was O.K. I mean Angelina Jolie looked good and all. But the movie itself was…flat. Lots of
gratuitous slo-mo’s and weird camera shots for me. I don’t know, the story didn’t click for me. Good thing it was only $7.50 instead of full price.

Afterwards, spent an hour wandering around the Sony tech haven that is the Metreon. It’s shocking that the Discovery Store has closed. It also looks like that they have closed or shrunk other sections of the place too. Still more than enough Sony products to drool over. Sony computers are the only computers that come close to matching the superb designs of Apple. Also went to the PS2 store to ask about the VGA
converter. Guy talking out of his ass didn’t know what I was talking about. If I am going to get the thing, I just need to go on EBay to find it.

Walked down to the AT&T store on Market, which was less crowded than the Colma one. Almost bought the Nokia 3650. Almost, like I was reaching for my wallet. For some reason, I hesitated and then walked out. It’s $300 with a $150 rebate, which wouldn’t be a problem. For some reason, I
hesitated. Went window shopping down Market, just looking and not buying. Ended up at Virgin planning on buying something. This time I had El Mariachi and Desperado in my hard, buy one/2nd one 50% off. Never made it to the cash register. **sigh** I think that I have lost my ability to shop. 🙁 That’s probably a good thing, so I can continue to save money. But it would have made me feel good if I would have bought something.

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