.freeing space in my head

– Missed the VMA’s last night; however have been looking at some of the pics that are on the internet. Will have to watch the show when one of the many repeats come on MTV. Also read some of Chris Rock’s jokes; looks like it was a good thing to bring him back.

– Have to stop drinking coffee, esp. when I skip breakfast. Will probably starve myself

– Monitor people are suppose to call me back today or tomorrow with RMA number. Need to goto UPS store and get the correct box to ship hard drive back.

– Getting 10,000 mile service tomorrow. Also might go work at the store for a couple of hours. Also need to talk to Ford Credit to see if I can get the car loan in my name only.

– Make sure there is plenty of air circulation before ripping one off. Mark would have been impressed with it.

O.K. break time is over and transfers are piling up

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