Had a…unique time at the beach today. I wish that I had brought my camera to take some pictures. The interesting thing about the beach is that where I live in Pacifica, it’s in a valley, so the hills holds off the fog until later in the day. So while the beaches near S.F. were foggy, the beach near my house was nice and sunny. Spent 3 hours out lounging in the sun; a mix of reading, writing, working on web designs, and people watching.

I think the special thing about the beach is sound, and how it travels at the beach. When I sat up, I could hear all of the people playing and swimming, the cars passing by, the seagulls crying. However, when I lay down on my blanket, the only sound was the waves crashing into the shore, with the occasional flapping of a seagull passing me by. It was very relaxing and though provoking; to the point that I was making my thoughts come to life, but that is another story. Wasn’t enough though to keep the fog from finally rolling over the hill and covering the sun. I stayed out as long as I could, but the sun wouldn’t come out and it was getting colder, so I decided to pack in up for a day. There is always tomorrow.

**side note** Nicole Kidman is so hot in Batman Forever. And Jim Carey is great has The Riddler until at the end, then I think he goes over the top.

Anyway, going to spend the night listening to Barbara’s CD’s and incorporate them into my hard drive. I am so glad for my 120GB hard drive. 🙂 Also have some emails to write. And I will probably try to finish the last level of Bomberman 93′. I will defeat you King Bomber, oh yes I will.

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