.resist the urge

Decided to “resist the urge” and not walk down to Safeway for some ice cream. Just going to make myself sick again, and by judging by my stomach, I don’t need any ice cream. Also decided to goto the gym before I goto the Golden Gate or to Japantown tomorrow to get some exercise in. Thought about taking a walk tonight, but it is windy and cold here at the coast.

Also just found an ant here in my room, which I am not happy about. I’m hoping that it just caught a ride with me from work. Still, that means I will have to do some major cleaning tomorrow and move the furniture to make sure that it is no a swarm of them hiding in my room.

**sigh** It’s all about “resisting the urge”…resisting the urge for alot of things…

[Listening to: Same Script, Different Cast – Whitney Houston – The Greatest Hits Disc 1 (04:58)]

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