Today was the Warehouse appreciation day trip to Six Flags/Marine World in Vallejo. Overall it was a fun, if not expensive trip since I paid for the admissions for the guys. The park itself was O.K., but probably not the best choice for the guys, since they were looking more forward to the rides than the animals. Has for the rides themselves, we only rode 3 of the rollercoasters, since that’s all that were open. We also did the bumper cars, but spent most of the day walking around the park to the different beer locations and looking at girls. Look was all any of us could do since most of them were under 18. Still, lots of
scandalous T&A flashed around. Honestly, the only thing that saved the day was all of the beer that the guys had and all of the comments that were flung around. Oh, we also saw a child molestor (not sure if I got a pic or not). I have pictures, and I might put them up. Honestly, most of them are ass shots. There was this one girl that we followed around the park twice because she was looking hot. I don’t know, I originally wasn’t into going, however I felt kinda bad for my additude that I had at the Giants game last night, and wanted to make up. Overall it was a good time with the guys and the best thing is that we got paid for it. Slowly trying to recover from the heat and dehydration; hoping that this banana bread and milk will stay in my stomach.

What else? Kim moves out tomorrow and Barbara has someone outside demo’ing a new
vacuum cleaner for her. I am going to relax and do some reading and hope that I feel better.

[Listening to: Kachou Fuugetsu Otome Mai (Shiranui Mai Theme) – Chiba Reiko – Fatal Fury Special Image Album Part 1 (05:45)]

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