Website Thank You’s Are In Order

I need to send a Big Thank You to Kevin Donahue for all of his help in getting the SongWriter script to work on my site. Now, you the 1-2 readers on my site, can now see what song I am currently listening to and the last 10 songs that I have listened too. Like the back of the Livejournal shirt says, “Because I like to think that people care…” Anyway, all of my CD’s are copied onto the hard drive; 188 hours of music at the touch of my hands. Currently, trying to rank the songs and get lyrics to them with the LyricsAMP for WMP9. What I really should be doing is
coming up with a new site design. Given myself until the end of the month to come up with something new. Of course, I doubt I’ll make my own timeline, but we’ll see. Think that I am going to try to goto sleep, which means that I will probably be up posting around 2am.

[Listening to: California Love [Original Version] – 2Pac – Greatest Hits Disc 2 (04:45)]

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