Weekend Update…

First, the bad news; I not going to see my family at the end of the month. Call me stupid, but I never realized how much in bills I was paying. I don’t know, I was figuring out how much I would have left after I paid my bills and it was far less than what I thought it would be. It’s practically the same amount every month, however this month it just seem alot more. I have the money to get tickets, however it would really leave me with no money for the rest of the month. I think that it would be financially safer to wait a month before going. **sigh** Mom is not going to be happy.

O.K. Onward to other things. Saturday, after wrestling with my hair for 30min, I was able to get out of the house and drive up to Napa to pick up Amber. I haven’t been to Napa in quite awhile and forgot that downtown Napa is like S.F. a.k.a. one way streets. It didn’t help that I had the wrong address for Amber. Picked up Amber and headed to Vacaville post-haste.

Dropped Amber off at Gabi’s house and then jetted across town to pick up April at her house. We ended up going to Pietro’s Italian Restaurant for lunch and Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. Pietro’s was O.K., the ravioli’s were O.K., the bread was O.K., the salad was O.K. Not bad, not good. Just O.K. Cold Stone was
excellent though; tried Banana Ice Cream with brownies and almonds mixed in. Good stuff. April and I caught up on stuff in our lives…in some ways, April is changing; it’s not in a bad way, just changing in a way that is different from the norm. However, the same April is still there, the one that I can talk to about a slew or people, places, topics and bodily functions. And hey, went we are talking, we look good, and we know it.

Also got a present from April; a copy of the Lisa Lisa/Cult Jam CD that I got for her. OMG, talk about going back in time and playing the hits. Head To Toe, Lost In Emotion, and of course All Cried Out. I started to listen to that and had to stop cause I was tearing up. Still that would def. be a good duet to do with April at karaoke sometime. Also took a look at her camera that she is selling. Very tempted to get it, but to quote April “Resist the Urge”. Yeah, I am going to have to resist the urge on a number of things that I want, like a new cell phone, a new computer, new clothes, new CD’s.

[Listening to: All Cried Out – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Super Hits [UK] (04:46)]

So after I got done with April, I went over to Gabi’s to see if they had got back from the lake. It was around 5pm and I didn’t want to drive all the way to Lake Berryessa and look for them, only to have to drive right back Gabi’s to BBQ. So I went down to Fairfield and hung out at Barnes & Nobles for awhile, before heading back to Gabi’s to wait. Barry showed up around 7pm. We had a beer, and then headed out to get party alcohol and baby wipes. Went to Costco, but they were closed, so ended up at Albertsons. Called Amanda and was going to goto her house to cheer her up (she felt sick), however she
shooed us away and said that she would walk over to the BBQ later. So we got to Gabi’s right when the everybody was
coming back from the lake. Perfect timing. Since we didn’t have enough food, the girls all went out to get more food and baby wipes while the guys stayed and took care of the kids. Alyssa is getting so pretty with her big eyes; Antonio is still the cute stuff also. Both are a hand full, but I had fun playing with them and pushing them around on the tricycle while the dad’s got the grill working. Amanda showed up later with Pina Colada mix and we hung out drinking and smoking cigars.

The girls came back and we started fixing the food and BBQing. It was a really good BBQ; the food was great and the mood was mellow. One of the big things is that they are not going to have a 10 year reunion. (Everybody
except for Barry graduated a year after me). Not that they were excited about going, but it’s kinda sad if you don’t even have one planned. Anyway, After several more drinks and falling out of the hammock a third time, I made my way indoors to goto sleep, but Amber didn’t think that much and offered to drive my car back to Napa, where we could sleep on beds and not have children wake us up in the morning.

Amber tried to get me hooked on Elvis Costello and Ben Folds. Ben Folds I like (though not
ecstatically) however Elvis Costello does nothing for me. Get to Amber’s and crash out in her spare room. Woke up in the morning felling pretty good. Played with the cats and took some pictures of her amazingly cool house. Contrary to comments that I have heard from others her house isn’t that haunted looking; just as haunted as any other house. Besides she has 2 cats to protect her from any spirits in the house. Drove back home and forgot to go and visit the crop circles (damn). Decided to go over the Golden Gate instead of the Bay Bridge. Beautiful view of the city semi
shrouded in fog; wish that I could have taken a picture, but that driving thing got in the way. When I got to the toll booth, I found out that the golden gate toll had gone from $3 to $5. Yep, all I had was $3; oops. I will be getting something in the mail. Anyway, got home around noon, walked along the beach and watch the surfers for awhile. Came back home and took a nap. Woke up later and paid some bills. Cooked dinner and watch some TV with Barbara, and then spend the evening messing around with Songwriter and php stuff that I don’t understand. And now, I am going to goto sleep. Have a feeling that it’s going to be a long week. Think that work continue to drag me down until I take a vacation. Need to check and see just how much vacation time I have maybe I have enough to take off for a couple days this month and still take a week of next month to see my parents.

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