Independance Day

The 4th was a very good day for me. Got out of Pacifica around 9am and got into Tracy at 10am with no troubles. IT was good to see Dan and Jen again. And Drake, OMG, how he has grown. Can’t believe it has been 2 years since I have seen them. At noon, Jen’s youngest sister Norma arrived, and again OMG how she has grown. She is so beautiful and grown up, I just couldn’t believe it.

Once Norma arrived, we got into cars and drove up to Galt where Jen’s mother lives with her husband, Rich and their son David. They have a nice house out there. I got to see Jen’s other sister, Sarah, her husband, and their son, Thomas. Talk about a dangerous kid when he grows up; he has def. got his parents looks and charisma. Def. a lady killer when he gets older. I also got to meet Jen’s Aunt Lyn from the East Coast and her husband. Aunt Lyn is just an extraordinarily lady who gave me some great ideas to some problems that I have.

So spent the day watching the kids play in the pool, we ate burgers and ham, watched The Animatrix, played Rummy, and caught up on old times until dusk came along. Then we headed to town to watch the fireworks. There is just something about watching fireworks in a small town that is truly amazing and made me so proud to be an American. Actually, I was surprised at the length and the size of the fireworks that they had. It was truly amazing and it was fun to watch the kids enjoy their 1st 4th of July. Afterwards, we went back home where we set off the small bag of fireworks that I had brought up from Pacifica. Next year, I am def. buying more of them. The only disappointment was with the sparklers; I don’t like the new sparklers that they have now. After that, we loaded Drake in the car and drove back to Tracy, we stopped off at
Denny’s for some food before heading home.

I wanted to stay at Dan’s for the whole weekend, but with this inventory fiasco going on, I headed back home early this morning. I have been working on it all day long and I have all of the corrections that I need to do figured out. I am either fixing $20,000 worth of corrections or held up everything for $70 worth. Eeek. Well, regardless, I think it was worth me holding up everything to make sure everything was done correctly and to see the extent of the miscount (Not as bad has it first seemed.) **crossing fingers** that I can salvage promotion and trip for guys.

Anyway, I am going to go out to Home Depot to price sound damping material. Still toying with the idea of a new computer. Told Dan that I would probably cave in once I can configure one from Dell that I like for $1000. We’ll see. Will also get some dinner; thinking In-n-Out would be a good choice. Then come back and post pictures.

**note** Heard about Barry White dying. **sigh** Just seems like alot of famous people have passed away in the last few weeks.

[Listening to: What Am I Gonna Do With You? – Barry White – All Time Greatest Hits (03:38)]

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