I hate being the boss sometimes…

Luckily, I think that my goof-ups from yesterday have been overshadowed by the goof-ups that general merchandise did today. I can only hope anyway. Had a talk with the guys today about what was going on. They were sullen, but they honestly couldn’t say anything back; they knew that they were in the wrong. I still want to take them to Six Flags though; not sure how I’m going to pull that off though. Well, I got a weekend to figure that out.

Need to decide on when I’m leaving for Tracy. I can either join the packed commute and leave tomorrow, or I can leave early on the 4th. I guess it matters if I am going to stay at work late tomorrow. Don’t want to, but the other side of me thinks that I should recount stuff to see the full extent of the mess.

Must remember to buy fireworks for Drake and TJ tomorrow. I’m sure that Jen and Sarah will just me for it. Wonder if I should bring the Monopoly board up with me too. Wonder where I put it at.

Had to goto DMV to get a replacement registration and sticker for the van. Only had to wait 2 hours in hell before my number was called. Was expecting to wait 4 hours. Unfortunately, I found out that I cracked one of my Cowboy Bebop CD’s 🙁 I def. need to send April a list of things to buy for me when she goes to SD again in two weeks.

Continuing the copying of CD’s to the hard drive. It just amazes me how Windows Media Player put most of the songs into the Rock category. Wilson Phillips – Rock, Mariah Carey – Rock. Anyway, I am making nice progress on the collection. Should be done sometime soon.

Webcam and IM are on if you need to talk to me. I might watch Star Trek Nemesis tonight, although I’m sure that I could watch it at Dan’s (He’s a big Trekkie). Also have 4 books that I should read, not including Harry Potter again. And then there is the website. I need to update it, but haven’t had the energy. If nothing else I need to find my camera and charge up the batteries.

[Listening to: Miracle [LP Version] – The Wilsons – Greatest Hits [Capitol 2000] (05:56)]

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