What the hell am I doing up this early…

I don’t have the slightest idea. It was my cell phone’s fault; I left it on the dresser instead of the floor last night. So when the alarm went off it made a shitload of noise. I went over to AT&T Wireless to look at phone, an I was impressed. I loved the camera phones that they had. What I didn’t like was the prices though. I thought that they would be cheap enough for me to buy one (was drunk at the time). I guess I will bide my time.

So inventory is finally over. Did not go as smoothly as I wanted it too. There were lots of mistakes that the counters made and the auditor caught two right from the get go. Didn’t help that the boss had come over earlier making me nervous as hell. After everything was done, I had to throw up. Yuck. Then I headed over to the store to help them out. Afterwards, went out for some drinks and crashed back at home

Slowly copying my music back onto my computer. Last time it took almost 2 weeks of nonstop copying. This time I think that I’m just going to take my time.

It is getting hot in my room, but looks foggy outside. I kinda want to go into the city to see the Pride Parade. But then I kinda just want to lounge in my bed all day long. The parade starts in 30min, so I think that I am going to end up just lounging here,

**stomach rumbles** I also need to get food today.

[Listening to: One More Try – George Michael – Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael Disc 1 (05:54)]

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