Evil Goddesses and Fallen Angels…

So I went out to go grocery shopping and ended up at Stonestown Galleria for some strange reason. Left with 2 DVD’s (Cowboy
Bebop: The Movie & Star Trek Nemesis). Almost bought some pants, but decided that the price wasn’t right. Went to the library and picked up some CD’s and another book, even though I still have 4 books checked out that I haven’t even opened yet. One of the CD’s was Sisqo; yep you guessed it: Thong Song. I guess enough is said about that.

Headed back to Pacifica to goto Safeway, when I got a yearning for ice cream. Ended up getting a White Chocolate shake with brownies mixed in from Stone Cold Creamery and going to watch Charlie’s Angels. Yes I watched Charlie Angels; and yes I watched it at the
Century Theaters that I said that I would never goto again. The movie was a great movie for what it is, over the top action, gratuitous slow-mo shots, and lots of skin shots. But the best part was Demi Moore, OMG she was just super hot in the movie. Between her and Eris/Michelle Phiffer in Sinbad, don’t know who to choose has my evil
villainess of the year. Of course, Terminator girl is coming up too.

Got to Safeway and got the shopping done. Overall, it has been a nice day.
Going to watch Cowboy Bebop and then try to beat the last boss in Bomberman. Damn he is tough.
[Listening to: Mechanical Animals – Marilyn Manson – Mechanical Animals (04:33)]

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