Other Sunday ramblings….

Am thinking that I am just going to mainly post stuff here instead of the other two journals. It’s bothersome to make an entry and then have to cut/paste to two other journals. I could use one for my
quizzes/polls and another one just for pictures, I guess. Something to mull over.

Went out with Angie to her cousin’s birthday party. I swear, half if not all of SF is related to Angie somehow. And they are all hot. Anyway, we went to a Karaoke club; I say club instead of bar because there was no alcohol served there. I was more out of tune than usual; I sung A Whole New World, Welcome To The Jungle, and…..I thought I sung another song, but I can’t remember. I wanted to sing Color Me Badd I Wanna Sex You Up, but they didn’t have it. I totally shot my throat singing Guns n’ Roses though. It was good times, except it would have been better if there was alcohol to
loosen everybody up.

So yesterday, before being sucked into Fry’s I decided to just start driving. The Focus isn’t the Metro when it comes to gas, so I won’t be making any
spontaneous trips like I did with that car. So anyway, I drove down Hwy 1 to Half Moon Bay, turned on Hwy 92 back inland, and then onto Hwy 35. It was a great drive,
reminiscence of Hwy 121 & 128 at Berryessa, although not as winding. The drive reminded me why I love the Bay area so much. It’s the diversity of the place and it’s everywhere you look, from the people to the places to even the weather. No matter who or what you are, there is a place somewhere in the bay area just for you.

**sigh** I do have some work that I brought home that I could work on I guess. Inventory is this
upcoming Saturday. I am worried enough about it, but we are almost done labeling stuff. I really should start
planning my vacation. July 1-3 looks good. I would need Tim to come in for me on that Tuesday. Hmmm. I might just have to take the 2 and 3 off. And then take the last week in July off to go see the family for Eric’s birthday. Part of me doesn’t want to take time off, fearing that the warehouse will come crashing down without me. However, after the stress of the last couple of months, I know that I am long overdue for one. And I know that the last week of July will be stressful also. It will probably be a good idea to retreat up to Washington and be surrounded by my family.

Think that I will go through an make sure all the important stuff is backed up. The good thing about Fry’s is that they don’t have a credit card. I’ve been good about not getting any new ones, but yesterday I’m sure that I would have
applied for one and max the shit out of it that day.

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