So the movie was bad.

So the movie was bad. Really bad. Mike was really disappointed with it; me I knew it was going to be bad 15min into the movie. I just wanted to punch Ben throughout this whole movie. Gawd. There was this scene where he slips into a confession booth and I was just screaming at the priest to break thru the screen and just throttle Ben.
Afterwards, Mike and I went through the candidates @, but couldn’t find anything that Mike liked. Mike was really disappointed by this also. He is now online looking for to see if he can find an Asian girl looking for a nice Jewish guy.
I am going to catch the last hour of Thump radio and then goto sleep. Going to Costco with Mike tomorrow and then also Brent is suppose to be stopping by to visit.
Current mood: relaxed
Current music: Listening to KLLC 97.3FM

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