Back from Costco on a

Back from Costco on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t know what we were thinking going there on a Sunday when everybody and their mother is there.
Went to get gas and a car wash afterwards, and was .5 gallons short, so I literally shoved the extra .5 into my tank. Of course .4 of it spilled all over my car and the ground, but I got my min 8 gallons and my free car wash.
Coming home across our street we see this blond girl with large boobs surrounded by these 4 punks. She goes into her house and the guys are just standing outside (they just went in according to Mike). Mike thought that they were going to break down her door and rape her. I think that she is filming a porn and the guys are there for the gangbang scene.
Well, car is clean except for the seats and the mats (needs to be vacuumed). Am waiting for Brent to call to say that he is on his way. Still have no idea what he wants to do. Oh well, he said that he had some money, so maybe I’ll get dinner from him.
Current mood: calm
Current music: Listening to Mike sing Michael Jackson

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