Back from the gym. I

Back from the gym. I was surprised at how packed it was when we got there, however it had cleared out by time Mike and I were done. The only person there was “hippie chick” (Mike’s name for her, not mine). Mike thinks she has a big butt and no tits; I think she’s alright looking. We were both very impressed with her flexibility though. OMG, that girl can bend; we got a good look at her tat on her back.
Mike is currently going off at the fact that there is nothing for him to eat. He is tired of pasta and wants lasagna (I know, I know) but Costco changed brands and the new brand sucks. His sister also called and wanted him to goto a Jewish singles at The Cellar tonight. But he doesn’t want to go. He is holding out for an Asian girl; personally, I think that he should stop being picky and go. Oh well. Anyway, I have finished my bowl of cereal and am waiting for Mike to get out of the shower so I can hop in. Guess we are watching Changing Lanes tonight.
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