My 9/11 $0.02

Has pissed off at the fact that we don’t have cable at my house, or that we can’t get any reception on the T.V. sometimes, I am so thankful that I won’t have to watch the ENDLESS 9/11 tributes on T.V. tonight.
So far, I’ve listen to 3 different versions of “America, The Beautiful” (unfortunately, not the Ray Charles version) and have only heard Lee Greenwood “Proud To Be An American” once (THANK GOD). Unfortunately, I was forced to listen to a “tribute” episode of the Howard Stern show which consisted of listening to Stern’s broadcast a year ago. And while, it was interesting to hear what was going on then knowing what we know now a year later, the broadcast really pissed me off. How is it a tribute to the people who died by replaying the Howard Stern show. Tim and I got into it a bit, discussing 9/11 then and today with us mobing closer into a war with Iraq. I sent the guys home early today so they could do their own thing.
Anyway, I have been surfing the internet getting my fill of 9/11 stories. I think one of the best that I read was on about forbidden thoughts on 9/11. The article was comments and stories by New Yorkers and others about the WTC, like how one guy was hoping that his records for his credit cards and his morgage and other bills would have been destroyed. While it might not be a PC read for the day, it was a truthful read.
I think in the end, when it’s all said and done, the fact is that we are the United States of America. The country has survived many other catastropies in it’s history; Pearl Harbor, The Great Depression, The Civil War, to name a few. We have survived all of these, we will survive the effects of 9/11 and we will survive anything else that the rest of the world throws at us. We might or might not be the greatest country in the world, but is there any other place you rather be?
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