I am chickening out and not going to call. Don’t ask why, you can tell me “I told you so” later.

I still love you though. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
There is nothing going on out in the web today. Just a whole bunch of blah, blah, blah….
And I can’t get into any of my games either.
I could start to watch The Sopranos – Season 2. But I think that I am going to wait for the weekend and go watch it in the movie room at the community center.
Having halusinatery thoughts that if I had a PS2, then I wouldn’t be bored. **sigh** What I could use is some EverCrack.
Or maybe, “…a woman with an arse you can park a bike in and balance a pint of beer on.
One of those would be nice. However, I shouldn’t focus on the past or the future; I should focus on the right now.
So with it being 6:30, I am going to go get my customary bowl of cereal and get into bed with a half dozen books that I need to finish reading.
Such is the thrilling life that I lead.
Current mood: bored
Current music: Dave Matthews Band – Say Goodbye

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