Just finish talking to my

Just finish talking to my brother, giving him some computer advice.
I wish that I could afford to get the family a new computer. In a way they don’t need it, but then they do. I could get them one of those cheap Linux boxes that they sell at Wal-Mart and then put WinXP on it. Wonder if I could build one for cheaper. Wonder if I could build one at all. I think I can, but then I’m afraid that I would fuck it up badly somehow. Well, something to think about for Xmas anyway.
Gawd, it is so cold today. And the last two days before this, the weather was so hot. It’s crazy, I tell you. I guess I should get ready for an earthquake or something.
Quote of the night….
“Those Fucking Christians have it easy. They don’t have to starve themselves for a week or do any of the stuff I have to do”
Badly misquoted, but that was the gist of the quote from Mike. I think I am going to go with him to his temple sometime this month. Wonder what my parents would think if I became a Jew? Wonder what would think? Would that be good enough for her? Probably not. I would still be going to hell since I don’t accept Jesus has the Messiah. **sigh**
Back to reading the bible…And still resisting the urge to get a PS2. Even though payments would be low….grrrrrrrr
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