I am Joe Friday night….

Well, nothing got done tonight. Spent most of the night working on web site just to once again trash everything that I have spent the last 3-4 hours working on.
Also got none of my errands done, which mean that I will have to do everything tomorrow. Will have to take a trip to Vacaville in the morning to deposit checks. Maybe I’ll bring my laundry and do it somewhere up there. Then I have to come back home and grocery shop. What I really want to do is to just go downtown and take pictures with my camera. But there is this voice in my head that tells me that I suck anyway, so why should I even bother. Of course, the cam whore inside of me has been begging for a web cam. I don’t know why I need one; it’s not like I do anything exciting anyways.
Well, I think that I am going to go lay down and do some reading and listen to some house music on the radio. I am trying to read Coreilli Mandolin, but I am just not getting into it.
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