I am Joe’s Birthday Gift to his roommate, Mike…

Got Mike the new Dave Matthews CD, Busted Stuff for his birthday tomorrow. He is a very, very happy camper right now. Also comes with a DVD with 2 songs from a concert in Colorado and a version of Bartender in 5.1 audio. The CD is enhanced with stuff including a chance to sign up for a free webcast and other extra stuff. I’m sure Suzanne is also enjoying her CD too.
Tomorrow, I am going out with Mike and his sister to dinner for his birthday. Mike is talking about Thai food. **sigh** As usual, am worried about money; I have some, but not enough. I still need to go grocery shopping and I also need to do laundry. I do have various checks that need to be cashed, but I am planning on putting all of that money into my savings account. It’s not much, but it’s a start.
Mike is also going away for two weeks starting next week, house all to myself. Hopefully, I won’t go too crazy. Planning on having a poker game with the guys next Wednesday. That’ll give me two weeks to get rid of the smoke and pot smell from the game.
Called Fry’s about DDR for PC and they said July 31st. Am trying to see if Eric will get it for me since he owes me a present. If he could get me a pad, then I would be happy. I really can’t spend any money on things I really don’t need. But it’s hard to kick bad habits. **sigh** Oy Vey, what can I do?
Speaking of, I need to figure out what to get Eric for his birthday. Thinking about getting him a basketball jersey or something from JCPennys so I can put it on the card. Also need to figure out what to get Suzanne for her birthday; they are both coming up.
I really want to post meaningful stuff; deep, thought provoking, heart grabbing, current event kind of stuff. But I don’t know, I am….just wanting to keep stuff close to me right now, not quite ready to share. Just keep stuff bottled up inside of me and let it rot me away from the inside, that’s me.
Starting to use the Semagic client….the judges are still out on it.
Current mood: lonely
Current music: Windows Media Player

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