I am Joe’s opnion of S.F. radio….

Most of the radio stations here in the bay have undergone some kind of change, most of them for the worse….
97.3 Alice has just gone through hell with Vinnie, Uzette (sp?), and Shootie (sp?) leaving the station. I still don’t know why Vinnie left, but the last rumors that I saw was that their was some kind of drug problem going on. So Sarah (the other morning host) has been going solo for the last 6 months until last month when they were having auditions for a new co-host. The job eventually was given to No-Name (I think his real name is Mike), who used to do nights @ Live 105.3. No-Name is similar enough to Vinnie so he should be able to fit right in. But I think that the damage has been done; the show just seems really blah now. And also the music that Alice plays; I’m just not happy with some of the music that is on the station now. Maybe it’s cause I always seem to hear the new Sheryl Crow song on the station (I hate that song). I still have my clock radio set for Alice in the mornings, but instead of leaving it on Alice, I usually find myself changing the station. The one good thing about the station is that they have this new show on Sat. night called Thump that plays dance music. It’s way better than that Club Alice crap that they had before. Not sure if it is a one time deal or what, but I hope the show comes back.
Wyld 94.9 has gotten worse, if such a thing was possible. I swear they play even more commercials now; I wonder how they can fit any songs on the air. And I am SO tired of Ja Rule and Nelly. There is no variety on the station anymore. The only saving grace for the station are their DJ’s and their mixes. House Nation is the only reason I turn to the station at all. Don’t get me started on JV and the Doghouse in the morning. And when 95.7 changed formats, they really didn’t have to spend a week laughing at them.
Z 95.7 just turned into 95.7 “The Drive” one day. They were having so many problems anyway; if they would have settled into one format and stop changing, then I think they would hae been O.K. Maybe not. I mean Jean and Julie just sucked big time; even Uzette from Sarah and Vinnie couldn’t help them. And I just hated Diane Steele. I think she was at KMEL before. It was funny, cause for awhile some of their DJ’s showed up on Alice. Diane Steele went from the 2-6 slot to the 1-5am slot. That just must of sucked big time.
So now 95.7 is “The Drive”; 60’s and 70’s rock. It’s wierd too, cause the announcer has this soft voice, like the guy from KOIT 96.5. But when he is done, they play rock music. They aren’t that good of a rock station; 107.7 The Bone is so much better.
The best thing to come to the bay is 92.7 “The Party”. 92.7 is all dance music. OMG, when I first heard this station, it was on a sunday morning and I thought that I was listening to the end of Subsonic on Live 105 or it was an extened mix on Wyld 94.9. But I soon figured out that it was a new station. The best thing about this station; few commercials and dance music all of the time. The only problems I see with this station is that their playlist is still a bit weak and short. Talk about hearing the same songs over and over again. It could be because I listen to the station alot, but I think that they just need to get more songs playing. And the song that they do have are pretty tame and radio friendly. They need to diversify more, like maybe a show that focuses on old dance cuts from the 80’s and early 90’s. Or a show with deep house cuts or something. The biggest thing that they need to do is get some DJ’s to mix and spin for them. It would be such a coup if they could swipe somebody from Wyld 94.9 or get an exclusive with someone like Mars & Mystre. But regardless, I can’t help listening to them in order to here Silence by Delirium w/ Sarah McLaughlin (I just love that song)
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