I am Joe’s Copy of His Graduation….

I am SO tired. Spent the last 2.5 hrs. recording my graduation. You would think that a school like SFSU with a program in film and broadcasting would have high speed dubbing equipment. Well they don’t; not in the library anyway. Well, at least I got it done and I can send the tapes to my parents with the pictures and my dad’s b-day present. I am on the tape at least twice and I saw a copule of other people too.
Mike was waiting for me to finish so that we could goto the gym, but he left without me, which I don’t blame him. I could go up and meet him, but all I want to do is take a nap.
Angie called me and we are going to go see Flipside at the new Century theathers. I know I said something about not going to Century, but Angie is paying, not me.
Oh yeah, it looks like Mike got some rabbit ears for the T.V. downstairs. Just in time for me to start watching Buffy again on Tuesday nights.
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