I am Joe getting ready for his short week….

Did not spend time reading, but instead, was working on my pitiful web site. I reposted the pictures, but I notice that it loads up all of the pictures at one time when you go to a slide show. Not sure if it is just the thumbnail or the actual pictures. Not a problem for me, since I have DSL. But I think that a lot of my friends might still just be on dial-up (**sigh** the poor souls). So tomorrow, I will try to find a way so it is fasterfor them. I also tried to add some banners to the top besides my own. I could do that, but I couldn’t make individual links for each banner. So also tomorrow, I will have to go search for a JavaScript that does what I want.
Mike just got back from river rafting. Oy Vey, is his eyes bloodshot.
Work should be DEAD, while IS goes over all of the inventory info and get the computers back online. Hopefully, it will be a slow three days.
O. K. NOW it is book reading time, for an hour at least.
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