I am Joe’s wierd ass dream….

So I was in this hotel, kinda like the lobby of the TV station in New York that Angelina Jolie was in after her big interview in the movie Life, Or Something Like That. I walking down this hallway and the next thing I know, I am the bodyguard/assistant for Danny Devito (sp?) I follow him to the mens room and he goes into a stall and I stand by the door. In one of the stalls, I can see Jamie Foxx taking a crap, reading Variety magazine. Then from a stall to my left this naked couple comes out and the guy is just hold this girl and fucking the brains out of her against the wall. All that I realy remember is that she was a redhead and had a really nice set of breasts. So Mr. Devito comes out and we go walking along the hall and we get to this gym area. All of the sudden, the police show up and start busting everybody for having cocaine. I start to walk away and one of the police stops me and tells me to hand it over. They want me to hand over this green rubber ball thing, but I give it to my friend, Angie. Angie and I start to walk/fly past the hotel, pass the swimming pool and batting cages when I see some kids next to a freeway. I ask Angie about them and she tells me something, but I can’t remeber what. All I know is that it segwayed into us singing Every Rose Has It Thorn by Poison has we flew over Solano county. Then I woke up.
The moral of this story….The fumes from the incense, pot, and burning electrical is finally getting to me.
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