I am the smell of Joe’s flesh burning….

O.k. so that smell isn’t my flesh burning, but of the guys using blow torches and power tools while installing our new garage door at the warehouse.
What I am worried about is my room burning down. Last night I was watching T.V. and I heard this electrical poping sound by the computer. I thought it might be the extension cord, but it turned out to be the wiring inside the wall (actually, the wireing in inside a steel pipe against the wall. At the spot where I heard the popping, it was really hot and I could smell the paint cooking. So I unplugged the extension cord, my speakers, the lamp, the scanner and the printer. From the outlet. That helped a little, but this morning, it was still kinda warm, so I unplugged the computerand everything else. So I guess I will be leaving sooner than later. I wonder if I can get the phone/DSL switched now….naw, I’ll wait until next week.
Work is going o.k. Sent Mark to the BBQ at the store; he said that it sucked. Oh well, at least he got free food. I have him cleaning the gift aisle for tomorrow. There is still no definate game plan; I just hope this isn’t a waste of time. Will probably send him home in a hour. And hopefully, the door guys will be done in an hour also, then I can leave early. I love being on salary.
So since I can’t really use the electricity, I am limited to either reading or working on Grad Announcement. It will probably be the grad announcements, cause I really should send them out this weekend.
Also got a email about my 10 yr. high school reunion. **sigh** At this moment, I don’t plan on going. The thing is that if I decide later to go, then it will be more expensive. Main reason I don’t want to go is because most of my friends in H.S. were in grades below me. Then there is the fact that I joined the 10yr college plan. I know that there are people in my class that didn’t even finish college, but I still feel like I am at the bottom of the class. I remember once in high school, there was this discussion about where we would be in 10yrs. Optimisitly, I said that I would be working for some fast food company. If I remember correctly, Melissa Martel was going to be a secretary or legal advisor for the fast food company and Tim Wylie was going to be jr. president or CFO of the company. I don’t know, it’s not that I’m happy or sad at the place I’m at in my life. I’m more resigned and uncaring. No motivation to move up or down in the world. No motivation to do really anything.
Anyway, I should get back to work and make an appearance on the cameras.
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