I am Joe’s 2 day junk food binge…

Oy Vey. That is the last time that I eat junk food ever again, esp. two days in a row. O. K. so by this time next week, I be chowing down on a Big Mac or something. But for right now, no junk food for me. My stomach is still a bit queasy, like it’s looking around to see what else it can throw out of me. But I think that my stomach is pretty much cleaned out, so it seems to be a good time to start over and eat right. Started by munching on an apple, but only got about 1/2 of it done. Start slowly, I guess.
Suzanne left sometime around 7:30-8am in the morning to pick up her dad at the airport. Still don’t know if last night was a dream or not, but I def. enjoyed it. ;-D
So today, driving up to Antioch to spend the rest of the weekend with Suzanne’s family. Should be interesting to say the least, even if Grandma Fu fu is gone. But tomorrow, I get to wear my suit again for Easter. Put my $500 investment to work. I need to shave before I go; wonder if I should shave everything off or not. Hmmm.
O. K. Time to finish cleaning the room so that I can get outta here.
Current mood: drained
Current music: Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters

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