This is Joe’s caffeine hangover….

Spent Friday night and Sat. in Antioch with Suzanne. Decided to come home last night when it was around 10pm and Suzanne was ready for sleep and I was still awake. So I decided to come back home (not a happy decision with the girlfriend.) Made in @ midnight and watch Sat. Night Live and caught up on computer stuff. Puttered around the computer until almost twoish working on the web page (the black hole of my creative thought is more like it). I should have went to bed then, but instead, I decided to raid fridge for my remaining girl scout cookies and Pepsi. Not a good choice. 5am comes rolling around before I put down the book that I have finish reading from front to back. Just now waking up. Need to take a shower and get out of here, even though I already know that I am going to hit traffic at the tunnel and maybe the bridge by time I get out of here. **sigh** Will be watching the Oscars tonight; just wish that Suzanne had cable so that we could watch Joan drunk ass on E!. I miss the mini parties that Shawn, Marie, and I would have watching Joan drunk ass talking smack about the celebrities on the red carpet.
Justin is cutting the weeds outside. That is a funny story too, but I think I will wait until later to tell.
Current mood: groggy
Current music: Bjork – Pagan Poetry

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