I am Joe’s Cold hands….

Gawd, it is a nice day outside and I am cold as hell. Anyway, I feel pretty good considering that I am cold, I got little sleep cause Justin decided to clean his room or something last night after midnight, and I am very hungry. I really wanted to goto Bayside Cafe for breakfast, but I really need to save money. So, I guess I will heat up my lunch (seasoned rice) and eat now.
Went to the new Target @ Serramonte mall last night. It is so crazy; there are 3 Targets within a 3 mile radius. 2 of them are just across the freeway from each other. I wish that they would have put in a Wal-Mart instead. Maybe once Kmart closes, they will open a Walmart there. Anyway, I did good in not spending money on things that I don’t really need. O.K., so I did buy some silk Tony the Tiger boxers. I will have to take a picture and post it on LJUndies.
Well, lunch is ready.
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