I am Joe laughing at the radio…

They are playing clips of “The Osbournes”, and it is hilarious. I am def. going to have to catch it on MTV. Will have to have the close captioning on to understand what Ozzy is saying.
Am pretty much finish counting supply stuff and straightening the inventory out. There are still a shitload of things to fix, but the majority is done. Now starting on the gift section. May God have mercy on my soul.
Tim is off to Phoenix to watch some Giants baseball. Bastard. So tomorrow, I am all alone. hopefully, it won’t be too busy.
Leaving work a bit early to goto the store to pay for my grad pack. Tonight will be all about updating the address book and letting people know my new email and cell numbers. Fun. Will also watch Final Fantasy tonight.
I am just a party and then some. **rolling my eyes**
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