I am Joe’s stinky house.

So I get home to a house that smells like burnt chocolate. And since someone left the heat on, the whole house smelt(?). I want to blame Justin, but not sure if Justin has been home, thought I heard him leave last night. It could have been David, cause he comes home at lunch time sometimes (I think). Anyway, at least my room is decent smelling again.
Just watched Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It was pretty good. The animation was a little spotty in some places, but the story was excellent, if a tad predictable. It was interesting to note that Melissa Joan Hart and Henry Rolling had voice roles. Not surprising is Mark Hamill, as he seems to be in almost every animated movie. Anyway, debating over watching Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within, Hackers,reading, or doing some computer work (a.k.a. play Diablo II)
I think that I will read and wait to see if my girlfriend will call me tonight,
Hahaha…..Any “Dad’s” looking for a “Son/Houseboy”.Hahahaha
Current mood: relaxed
Current music: Robbie Williams – Let Me Entertain You

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