I am Joe’s Midori Drink

Highlights of today include getting a new cell phone from MLife a.k.a. AT&T Wireless. I got this phone first, but went back and traded it in for this phone. The new phone is still charging, but I hope that the sound quality is better. So once it is charged up, I can enter my phone book and let everybody know my new phone number.
Also plotting on finally getting web space here at Dreamhost. Am trying to hold out until I actually have a web page desinged and stuff, but I really need a new email address. My Yahoo account is overrun with spam.
It’s St. Pat’s Day and I should be getting ready to go out drinking with Mew somewhere. I guess that tradition is over now that she is down in SoCal. **sigh** I really will miss Mew. I know, it’s not that long of a trip to visit her down south. But it was an easier trip to go up to Sacramento to see her.
Justin is home stomping around. I don’t think that I will understand or every be good friends with him. He is just too gay conceeded. I’ve tried talking to him and being friendly to him, but it’s just all about him. Oh well, I tried.
**sigh** Too many thoughts swirling in my head, not sure which ones should stay in my head, and which I should release onto my journal. For the moment, I guess they will all stay locked up in my head.
Current mood: nostalgic
Current music: Indigo Girls – You Left It Up To Me

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