I am Joe’s Tired Ass…

**yawn** So I told myself that I wouldn’t play on the computer tonight. So of course, I just played 45 min of Diablo. Bad Joe. If I keep this up, I will get carpal tunnel or something.
Starting to fully load my MP3 player with music. It has a 6GB HD and my total collection is 13GB, so I decided that I would put 5 songs from each album into the player and if I had any space left, then I would try to add full albums. I should just send off for the larger HD now, screw the warranty.
Took my computer apart and figured that it is either the case fan in the back or the power supply fan making my computer noisy. Found a couple of sites that sell quiet accessories, like fans and stuff. Will have to order some stuff soon.
My room is a mess. I think that I will def. clean room tonight.
Buffy wedding episode is on in 15 min. Can’t wait.
Tomorrow is manager’s meeting. Thinking about bringing some KKD with me. I am such the suck up. But this is an important meeting, discussing some serious stuff going on at the store. Also, I need to finish my self evaluation. Blah….I hate self evaluating myself. But it gots to get done.
I am so cold, I wonder if Justin would mind turning the heat on.
Def. need to start bringing home some of my books from work.
Need to talk to family and plan Graduation 2002. Also need to talk to girlfriend about East Coast Summer trip.
Need to work on a half ass web page and getting a web host.
Of course, most of this is moot cause I am tired. So what will probably happen is that I crawl into bed with a bowl of Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream and watch Buffy.
Current mood: drained
Current music: Tori Amos – Silent All These Years

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