Can this day get any worse?

So I go to school to get the grad application signed and to turn everything in. The application is fine, but the guy at the registars office gave me the wrong petition to fill out. So I have to fill out an even longer and more drawn out form.
So I go to get a hair cut. I have had mostly bad experiences getting a hair cut in S.F. (much like finding a good Chinese Restaurant here for some reason.) Anyway there is only one guy cutting hair at this place and there are 4 people ahead of me. So I wait an hour until it is my turn. I sit in the seat and tell him what I want and the guy tells me that he can’t cut my hair. HE CAN’T CUT MY FUCKING HAIR?!?!?!?
The topper to this day so far has to be me coming home to do laundry and to type out a petition letter. I get to the door and the music is blazing and Justin is just WAILING AWAY. Anyway, I get in and am opening my door when I here this squeal and a “OH SHIT!!!” with the door slamming. Then I hear muttering in his room. Don’t know if he has a “guess” or if he was lighting up but I DON’T CARE. I pay rent here too. If I need to come home in the fucking afternoon, then I am. Screw you, screw you, AND SCREW YOU!!!!
O.K. Got laundry to do and petition letter to write.
Current mood: irate
Current music: Smashing Pumpkins – Today

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