Well Xmas 2001 is wrapping

Well Xmas 2001 is wrapping up at the Rogers residence. Eric went to work and when he got there, promptly threw-up, So his boss sent him home. He has been sleeping for most of the day, which kinda sucks, cause I set up the PS2 in his room, so now I can’t play or watch DVD’s. I am worried about him; I’ve been checking up on him every hour or so, I called his girlfriend and left a message, and I made him some soup to eat when he wakes up. Xmas dinner was good. Still need to get up here so that I can buy stuff instead of getting the pre-package stuff, but I had time to play with it and cook it right, so it turned out good.
Reorganized the the computer downstairs, cleaning up wires and getting the printer running. Want to install WinME on the Gateway downstairs(AMD 450, 128MB RAM, 8GB HD) and maybe put Win98 on the AST upstairs (P60, 32 or 64MB RAM, 2GB HD). I know Pentium 60, old ass computer. It was my first PC though (My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20; now that’s old school). Eric uses the one downstairs cause it has the cable modem on it. I think that my dad mainly uses AOL a bit and maybe some MS Office programs. **sigh** Well there is hope for the Gateway, but I might as well give up on the AST. I should have just bought a new computer instead of the PS2. Even a crappy one for $300 would have been better than the P60 that is upstairs.
Anyway, I got Emails to do. I should get started on them
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