Since I might have to

Since I might have to start using my AOL account, I’ve been checking it more, trying to clean out the junk mail that I’ve been sending to it. (nothing like reading about girls who take it up the ass with dogs and horses). Anyway, there was this one email that turned the screen color black, so I had to highlight everything to find the removal address and I found this hidden in the message:
probability of its being at that
their current reference lengths.
simplify the mathematics involved,
asymmetrical in their behavior and
account for the neutron s
inward by a planet or star. A wave
out to be a very real 3 dimensional
distance indeed, far smaller than
seems to me to be a very large clue
and their net motions are zero. It
Several years making legal appeals
Publishes concerning the two
definitely its occupants if the
acceleration were only 100 G s.
Examples of engines which will work
in space are liquid and solid fuel
chemical rockets, internal source
ion accelerators, Bussard ion
collector accelerators, and matter
antimatter reactors. All of these
devices cause forward acceleration
by expelling matter rearward and
none of them will accelerate a
spacecraft without its occupants
feeling the effects of that
acceleration. An action reaction
engine pushes on the atoms of a
bulkhead, which in turn push the
vehicle framework, your seat and
you, the outer electron shell of
each and every atom being deformed
by the acceleration. However,
Einstein s relativity theory states
that the force necessary to
maintain this rate of acceleration
increases as velocity increases
because the mass of the ship
increases with velocity, so the
calculated time for acceleration to light speed assumes the force
applied can be continuously
increased at a rate which
compensates for the continuous
increase in mass.To have astronauts
experience a constant 1G
environment would mean increasing
thrust continuously throughout the
acceleration part of the journey to
make up for the relativistic
increase in mass due to increasing
velocity. You cannot simply start
the rocket motor and leave it at
the same thrust level, if
acceleration started at 1G, as the
journey progressed, acceleration
would decrease because the same
Newtonian force would be applied to
an ever increasing mass. Therefore,
a very large engine which consumed
inconceivable amounts of fuel would
finally be necessary as one
approached light speed. Notice that
if an object attained the speed of
light, its mass would become
infinite in theory the point here
being that by the time your vehicle
ge! ts anywhere near the speed of
light, the force required to
maintain a constant rate of
acceleration exceeds the thrust and
fuel carrying capabilities
currently available to us. Not to
mention the snowball effect the
fact that the more fuel you carry,
the greater your initial mass and
therefore the greater the thrust
necessary for a given acceleration,
requiring a larger engine, which
uses more fuel, etc.Many of us
intuitively regard space as
nothing. Einstein s theories
suggest that this is simply not
true. Basically, his explanation of
gravity is that it is a curvature
of space time. He called it space
time instead of simply space
because he found that it was
impossible to describe his ideas
without keeping track of time, the
motion related component of space
time. His concepts suggest that the
space of our universe, previously
conceived to be a total absence of
anythin! g at all and without
substance, actually has a
structure, which is yet to be
completely understood or
defined.General Philosophical
Assumptions If at first the idea is
not absurd, then there is no hope
for it. General assumption is that
it is possible to achieve near
light speed in a practical way and
let s just say that I am optimistic
regarding faster than light

What the hell is this doing in an email?
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