I cuss too much…

I just realize this.
O.K. After a hellish 1hr drive to work which STILL has me shaking, I am almost ready to start the day.
2 Venti White Chocolate mochas to wake me up from the sleepless night that I had
1 French Toast Combo from the Bayside Cafe to put some fuel in my stomach and to soften the 2 mochas
1 bookbag filled with books for my 1969 paper
1 Blueberry IMac with MS Word and a copy of my paper
1 RATEX merchandise system that is STILL down.
1 very cold and dark warehouse office.
1 cordless phone to interrupt me from time to time.
1 portable radio for background noise.
All of that hopefully will equal the greatest 15-20 page paper on the 1968 SF State strike the world has ever seen….or something enough to get me a “C” in the class.
Let the masterpiece begin.
**starts to eat french toast**
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