So I read thiswhich leads

So I read thiswhich leads to thisand to this.Naturally, since it does envovle my girlfriend,I decide to include my two cents on the matter with some picture for clothed GF and naked GF.
So I get some naked icon shots and I start to look through my collection for some clothed shots. The ones I posted turn out blah, so I deleted them and then start looking through my pics for something to post. The thing is that all of these pics are unedited and most are taken by me. That means that they are either out of focus, the lighting is way off or both. She would kill me if I posted them (secretly, I think she regrets that I even have a camera with the atrocious shots that I usually take. Maybe I’ll surprise her by taking a photo class one of these days.) So I decide to go to her journal to find a clothed pic of her. I also decided to goto portraitsto see if she had a clothed pic there.
Quickly going backwards through her journal, I only found one pic and it was kinda dark, so I didn’t post it. But it was cool to skin backwards through her journal, and by just catching a word or a phrase, bringing an image of a good time or a bad time. Sort of like in Sci-Fi movies when they erase your memory, you can see your life flash before you on the monitor backwards.
But going through portraits fast speed was really interesting. I started from the very begining in May and moved forward. It was interesting to see all of the pictures that were not there anymore and which pictures were still there. Lots of PhotoPoint and Fotki boxes What was really interesting was to see a picture that wasn’t there anymore with lots of comments. Got me curious to see what picture was there.
I’m sure this would be fun to do with other photo communities, like nakedpartsor maybe whitelight,although I’m sure it wouldn’t help the LJ servers if everybody did it at the speed that I did.
Anyway, I guess I should just ignore their poll about naked or clothed serraph. The true beauty of her can’t be judged in pictures of her with or with out clothes. It can’t be described in the flowerly words that all of us online citizen are so fluent in using. (O.K. some more than others) I think the true beauty of Suzanne is different for everyone that meets her. But for me, it is the unconditional love that she gives and how she can pull me out of the darkness and bear me on her feathered wings into the sky where I can listen to the songs of heavens and bask in the light of her love. I can discard the selfishness and the darkness and hated that surrounds me and reach a higher calling, if you will….
Hmmm, the medicine is starting to kick in I see….**sigh** Time to go meet my angel in the land of dreams…
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