Took a short break to

Took a short break to watch some TV. Kinda watched the Halloween episode of South Park (Oh nibblit!); kinda watched the VH1/Vogue fashion awards (during a montage of Sex In The City which won best dressed show, they had Lucy Lu with a blue shirt that said J’ adore Dior which I though was cool). Also caught a bit of Enrique Iglesias on the Spanish station (Ay Papi!!!). But what I mostly watch was the Michael Jackson Halloween special. Now I know that Michael Jackson is an open target for everybody. Suzanne hates all of the Jacksons; she’s particualy spiteful of Janet for some reason, but she not too pleased with Michael either. Well, to be truthful, I’ve been kinda disappointed with what I’ve heard from Michael’s new album. Basicly it’s the same stuff that was on his previous album. Not that he has to totally reinvent himself, but you could literally switch some of his songs and never know it. And on the special, he did his usual dance routine; grab your crotch, moonwalk, yell with your hands in the air. And some of the music itself; was it me or did some of them songs sound like Janet Jackson songs.
But with all of that against him, I have to admit, the man can put on a show. Regardless what you have to say about him, he really can put on a multimedia show for you; music, dance, costumes, and special effects galore. I was really entertained and I wish that MTV would have shown it without the commercials. I’m going to see if I can find a listening station and give Michael’s album a listen.
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