Starving sucks….

So today I started my 3-day fast in order to lose weight. Actually, I’ve changed it to a 1-2 day fast. **sigh** Actually, I haven’t done too bad, but of course now that I’m starving myself, all I can smell is food being cooked somewhere around here.
Went online and ordered computer stuff in an effort to cheer me up. Got a 20GB HD and Windows XP for half price (OEM version). Also got a 32MB Compact Card for my digital camera. The stuff should get here by Friday, and the Village won’t let me know that it’s here until Monday.
Thinking about dropping my Antho class. I don’t need it, just took it so that I would have the 12 units to live on campus.
Blah, Blah, Blah. Back to work I go
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