Notes From The Beach

Surfer Chicks Are Hot!
I know that I’m suppose to be studying, but after 30 min at the library and seeing one of my classmates in my SFSU Strike Class that thinks that I’m a cracker or a tom, I decided that I had to get away. I got into my car and started driving with the purpose of finding a sunny spot to study at, but I ended up at the Taco Bell on the beach in foggy Pacifica.
There is something about this Taco Bell. I mean, it’s is just as dirty as other Taco Bells. And the food looks like the same crap that they serve at other Taco Bells. But maybe it’s the decor of the restaurant, with it’s vaulted ceiling and it’s wooden chairs and tables. Maybe it’s the sea gulls that are fighting with the smaller birds out on the deck for bits and scraps of food that lay on the ground. Maybe it’s the surfers in their wet suits and their swimming trunks, wearing their sandals or going barefoot. Maybe it’s the smell of the ocean water and wet sand that clings to the skin and the clothes. Maybe it’s a mix of all of these that makes this Taco Bell more special than other Taco Bells.
I’ve been in California for…12 years now. Whoa…12 years…Anyway, 12 years and my misconceptions of California are still being corrected. My family and I arrived here just two months before the earthquake of 1989. When that earthquake hit, it was around five o’clock and my brother and I were watching MTV (I think that it was Club MTV). We were a little shook up, but we thought that it was a little earthquake, like a 3.0 maybe. So it was weird when the neighbors came over to see if everything was O. K. and told us that this earthquake was huge. The power and magnitude of the earthquake didn’t hit me until I saw footage of the Cypress Freeway collapse and later that night when an aftershock knocked down a shelf and I woke up screaming.
The same misconceptions I have with surfing. I expected the surfers to be all the way out in the ocean, riding on huge waves, going all in and out of the wave, doing tricks like surfing upside down on their hands or on one leg. Like something out of Baywatch or something.
Actually, the surfers here reminded my of a documentary that I saw on either seals or sea lions. From a distance, it looks like there are a shit load of black seals playing out in the water. A closer looks reveals the 30-40 surfers out in the water. And they were a lot closer to land than I thought they would be. I seemed I could jump in and walk out to them (If I knew how to swim, of course). Most of the time, it seemed a waiting game for the surfers, looking for a wave big enough to ride on. And when that wave did come, the ride seemed to last only a second or two before they were swimming back out (Although to the surfer, I’m sure it lasted a lot longer than that).
Damn, surfers look good; even the fat and old ones.
I know it is just the wet suit that makes them look good. Is it cause it makes them look slick and shiny like a soft pelt of fur on them that I want to rub and caress them. Naw, it is all about the curves on the human body and how the form fitting suit accentuates them. Curves on the human body are the real turn on and anything that helps accentuates those curves only helps to turn us (well, me anyway) on.
A Mexican surfer…
**ouch** Someone just bit it bad out there…
Anyway, the surfing crowd is def. white. I know that there are black and Asian surfers etc. Race has never been an important factor in how I see the world. Unfortunately, it seems it’s how Eddie judges the world. **sigh** I am glad that he is leaving; I have honestly tried to like him. But not including his messiness, he is so…ghetto “Black and Latino girls are the best cause they have big butts”; :white people are yuppies”. Last night, I guess he went out with some people to Polly Esters, a 70’s-80’s club. He hated it; too many old people. He is 21; the crowd was 25-40. **sigh** I have to deal with this ageism crap with Suzanne and her sister and with my co-worker Mark. Maybe cause I grew up in Korea, where there is a certain amount of respect for the elderly is why I don’t have a big issue with age…Anyway, not going to rant on about Eddie. I’m just going to leave it on this note. He is young and ghetto. He has never been out of California. I got no time for a roommate that wants to get some malt liquor and cocaine; go cruising for sistas and bitches and watch bad WB and UPN comedies on T. V. I want to put on my Armani and Calvin Klien and head to the Starlight Lounge for some drinks and then head to the Opera or the theater or some other frizzly event where I can nibble on pate and caviar and sip on champagne or a nice 67′ merlot from France.
**rolls my eyes** O. K. some of that’s pure bullshit, but the point to all of that ranting is that I can’t relate to someone who is so close minded…
Anyways, I need to shut up. I’m not getting any studying done. Think that I will head back and do laundry. Will call Suzanne tonight to hear all the details about the Ren Faire today and about the Christian concert that she went too last night.
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