I’ve done my duty…

Watched the telethon even though my tummy doesn’t feel good. I think that I cried about three times. I am such a softy sometimes. Anyway, I donated $100; Matt called the number and got through and asked for Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, Jim was busy and he had to settle for Sarah. I wonder if it was Sarah Jessica Parker. Anyway, he also donated $100.
Eddie has been on his laptop most of the time. He pounds on the keys like he is a piano player or something. It sounded kinda cool listening from the living room..
I made my first Quesedia and Burrito tonight. Suzanne helped out big time. She is supposed to have watched the Shawshank Redemption tonight. I will quiz her when I see her tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I am headed off to the Labor library to get info for my class. Now I’m sleepy and will try to goto sleep. But Eddie will probably stay up late. Maybe I should hit the Nyquil to help me out
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