Why I’m not at the SF/Bay Area BBQ

Suzanne just called me trying to get me to goto the picnic, but I bowed out. I think she thinks that I’m not going for the same reason that Doomie isn’t there; cause of April. But that’s not it at all. I have no problems being around LB and BB. I haven’t talked to April in awhile, but I will send her an E-mail.
I was actually suppose to be in Tracy to visit my friends Dan & Jen and their child, Drake. The thing is that I still don’t have that much money, especially to buy gas for a trip to Tracy and back. I have about $10 left in my account and I’ll need that for gas until next payday in 2 weeks (thank god I have a Metro). I might be able to make it with the gas that I have, but I’d rather not take the chance.
So what am I doing? I am cleaning my apartment. The kitchen is now complete, and now I am going to move on to the living room. I know that I’m wierd, but I love cleaning. It’s very theroputic for me to be home alone and cleaning. I am able to acomplished something and I can think out ideas, thoughts, problems, and analyze stuff going on in my life.
Besides, I not really into the LJ community in general. To be honest, Suzanne and April are the only true friends that I have on LJ. There are people that I have met from LJ, like Kabuki and faeriequeen. BUt I really met them through Suzanne, and don’t know too much about them to call them friends. And I’m not really a commentor to other people journals and while I love to get comments, I don’t really expect them. The journal is more for myself than for others, even though I write it with a slant towards others.
**sigh** I need to get back to cleaning. I want to get most of the house clean before the rest of the guys get back home to mess it up.
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