Looking at my food supply

Looking at my food supply and it doesn’t look too good. Eating a bowl of rice right now wishing that I had bought an extra bag when I went shopping last. I could last a lifetime on rice. Hmmm, I have stuff left, I just need to cook it. The think I don’t have is meat. That is what I’m starting to crave…
Looking over my DVD collection, trying to decide if I want to watch Fight Club later. Part of me does, since Suzanne isn’t here and I could watch it in peace (I could also watch Dogma in peace also). The thing with Fight Club it that when I finish watching it, it leaves me in a weird state. It brings up issues within myself that I usually don’t want to confront (what else is new).
Hmmm, I wonder if I still have that coupon for rent one get one free at Movie Magic? I’ll have to look for it later. I will have to force myself to leave my room today to get some air and to walk around.
O. K. this time I swear that I will get off the line and work on my paper….
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