I want a career where

I want a career where the object is to piss as many people off as possible, cause sometimes it seems that is the only thing that I am good at. I wonder if I can make animals pissed too. Then I could be a rodeo clown or a bullfighter.
Reformation Quiz – **sigh** O. K. so we were suppose to write an outline of our essay question before the actual essay. I proceeded to write an outline about how I was praying to God for a divine miracle. I’m hoping that I will get some points for the outline since I incorporated some of the stuff we learned about the church in the outline
Beijing midterm returned tonight…..71% woohoo, not bad for being 5 days late. Just think of the grade I could have gotten if it would have been turned in on time.
Went to the city to go to an Apple shop to look for a web cam for Suzanne. Found out that the shop went out of business. The horror story was the school shuttle to and from the Bart Station. They are suppose to run every 10-15 min. Try 40-45 min. I could have walked to the Bart Station and back. It doesn’t help that it was cold at State today.
Sunday is the big day; going to Washington to visit my parents and bringing Suzanne with me. I don’t know what to expect from the trip.
I am cold, so I think that I am going to hit the shower again and then maybe I will….I don’t know what I’ll do after that.
Current mood: cold
Current music: Sportscenter on ESPN

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