The clock is ticking…..

And I have yet to make any progress on my paper. I kinda disappointed in myself; but yet, I still believe that I can write up a good paper and get it done before class tomorrow. I also still need to do laundry too. **sigh**
I’ve had an headache for most of the day. It didn’t help that Matt and I ventured to the mall to buy a TV. We eventually got one at Target; it a Sansui 19″ T. V. I think it looked bigger in the store. Matt is slowly being sucked into it; he’s been without a TV for 6 months now. I watched TRL for an hour, but I free of the TV to take a nap. My headache is a little better, but it is still there. Staring at a computer screen is not going to help it any.
Actually, there are a couple of different topics that I want to talk about, but I realize that I need to get this paper done. So I’m going to hold off until a later time.
God, this song has so many different memories, for myself and for others….
Current mood: annoyed
Current music: Pet Shop Boys – Jealousy

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