Well, work is not so

Well, work is not so bad. It helps that it is a nice day today and that it is not that cold at the warehouse. My mountain of binders are still on the flat bed. I wish that I had brought my web cam so that I can take a pic of it.
Anyway, there is only one order that need to be finished, so I have time t goof off. I think that i will use the time to clean up the warehouse a bit. Some of the aisles could use a good once over.
So I guess today is Valentine’s Day. Whoop de fuckin do. Usually I’m not that cynical about this day. Just thinking about past Valentine’s Day. Last year was a really good one. The 92 one is also a memorable one. I had just broken up with Kathy Libal a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten to cancel the stuff that I had ordered for her. So she got the flowers, the balloons, and the tickets to the Michael W. Smith concert that she wanted to go to. Oh, man…the drama behind that one. I heard that she freaked out big time.
Actually, I’m usually a big spender on V-Day, regardless if I am with someone or not. Usually, I buy roses for every girl that I know. I easily spend $100 or more. Not this year though. I’m not even getting anything for my mom; I’m just going to call her later to wish her a happy V-Day.
Maybe it’s cause I’m sick that I am feeling so apathetic about today. I don’t know. I had some idea’s about getting Serraph but I think that I am just going to pass. O.K., I’m still undecided on it. It’s something kinda expensive, and I’m wondering if it might be too much. But then there is a cheaper gift that I can get her, but is it too cheap. Je ne sai pas(Fr. sp?). Well, after work, I have to head to Berkeley to hunt down my financial aid check. I guess I’ll have to decide by then.
O.K. I guess I should look like that I’m working, for the bosses watching me on the camera’s.
Current mood: blah
Current music: Listening to KFOG 104.5 on th eradio

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