Once again without a computer…..

I am in the 24hr. computer lab, surprised that I was able to get a computer. Anyway I have stuff to update on, but i really don’t feel like it. Part of it has to do with the weatherm that got cold all of a sudden. Another is the throbing headache that I have, cause they ring these bells in the lab to let you know that the library is closing soon. Hmm, let’s see…
Weekend dinner with Barry/Gabi/Mew…
That went pretty well. Gabi is getting big; it’s def. a boy. I saw the wedding pictures, talk about looking hot, and she was pregnant. And Barry just totally hammed it up for the pictures. They have a small place in Vacaville that is O.K. for them right now, but they will need a house, esp. when the baby comes along. Anyway, we decided to call Mew and we went to Sac to have dinner at Chevy’s by the River instead of Cattleman’s. Dinner was good, I got very drunk, and I took home one of the Chevy’s big ass margarita glasses. So we all drove back to Barry/Gabi’s to sleep for the night and then I came home the next day.
This is really truncated, but I have such a headache that I really want to go home, but I want to update the journal too. So I think I will type along for a couple more minutes…
I am getting a promotion at work. Since the supply manager quit, Amber is going to be working at the store to help the supply dept out. So I will become temp. warehouse mgr. It’s in some ways like what I was doing at Solano when I was the temp. shipping/recieving manager. Anyway, I will be there MWF and Amber will be coming in TTH. The important thing is tommorow when we discuss my compensation. I was due for a raise anyway, hee hee.
I still haven’t gotten my financial aid money yet. >:0
So I still don’t have all of my books. The bookstore has this borrow program so I was able to borrow three books that I need for a paper due in two weeks. I am hoping that my tax return will be direct deposited next week.
Classes are slowly catching up with me. I have so much reading to do. This won’t be like last semseter when I goffed off. I’ll really have to work this time on my papers….
My computer is in the IT dept cause I still couldn’t get on the network. I stopped in today and he said that he would probably look at it tommorow. I hope that it can get fixed tommorow or at least by monday. I want the high speed internet, but more important is that one of my classes, some of the work is on the internet for my reading and my papers. If he can’t fix it by monday, I think that I will just take it and use the dial-up. 56k is slow, but at least it’s something and I can’t afford to get too far behind.
Tommorow, serraph is suppose to pick me up to take me out for Valentine’s Day. That is kind of a tricky subject since we are not officially back together, so something from Victoria’s Secret might be a little too much. But I think that I have a present in mind, I just wont be able to get it until Valentine’s Day/Payday. I can’t wait to see her again. Hee hee
BIG HUGS TO Baby Roo….I wish that I could give it to her in person. I guess we are similar in that when we really feel dejected, we tend to hide and run away. But we always pop back up after awhile. Hugs and Kisses to you.
OK, my head is pounding. I have to leave and take some OTC drugs. I should look my best when I am negotiating my pay raise tommorow.
Current mood: drained
Current music: Typing of other people in the lab & the pounding in my head

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